Vendor Advocacy


Web buyers advocate investmentWhat are the costs?

We cost the Vendor absolutely nothing. Our fees are paid by the appointed agent.

There is provision in the real estate agents act for shared or conjunctional listings and commission sharing. This is done frequently between agents and is absolutely proper, on the precondition of course that the Vendor is aware of the agreement and that it is noted in the Authority to act.

What if my property does not sell at a price I am prepared to accept?

In this unlikely event, you will pay no commission to the agent and no fee to Vendor Partners.

Do I retain control?

Absolutely. The Vendor makes all the final decisions.

Does it matter where I live?

Vendor Partners services the greater Melbourne area and the Mornington Peninsula. We’ll come to you irrespective of location and work with local agents accordingly.

How many agents will you interview?

At least 3, but depending on the results achieved in the first round of tenders received, it may be more. If you have a preferred agent, we will include them in the invitation to tender.


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