Vendor Advocacy

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Before being appointed we provide an initial consultation free of charge and obligation:

  1. We meet to understand the Vendors objectives and to carry out a property inspection.
  2. We provide advice on the options available and the recommended way forward based on the Vendors requirements.

Once we are appointed as your Advocate:

  • we investigate local agent performance and invite 3 to provide their appraisal of the property, which we attend on your behalf
  • obtain a written outline of the agents approach to selling the property
  • request costed marketing schedules detailing the manner in which the agent will promote the property
  • obtain testimonials
  • we negotiate the agent’s commission
  • we provide you with a written recommendation of who we consider to be the best agent to represent your property and why.

Once the preferred agent is appointed we will:

  • Monitor weekly sales reports
  • Liaise with the Vendor on sales progress
  • Monitor any verbal offers received
  • Discuss all written offers received with the Vendors


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